Testimonies from our staff

Millions of people have benefitted from IAS work

Davis Abe Yuma, 55 years, Water and Sanitation Supervisor. Lives in South Sudan. Has worked for IAS since 1990. “I started to work with one of IAS first projects, in Kajo Keji, and have been involved in working for several of IAS projects, for example in Kaya, Koboko and Yei (South Sudan). When Yei was captured by SPLA I was sent to carry out operation and maintenance of hand pumps. We worked amidst rotting dead bodies in Yei town and the suburbs, which was terrible. But every time when we have been going into new unreached areas IAS has inspired me to be courageous. I would really like to highlight IAS courage to reach the unreached; many times they have gone into deep rural areas where roads are out of sight. Millions of people around the world have benefitted from IAS work.”

Times when I have listened to communities being transformed are invaluable

Juliet Namukasa, 46 years, Country Director of Uganda Programme. Lives in Kampala, Uganda. Has worked for IAS since 2002. “IAS highlights transformation and values the communities. My great moments are those times when our work creates hope in someone’s life. Those times when I have sat with communities and listened to testimonies of transformation are invaluable. This month our team talked to a lady that has been part of our Action Against Alcohol project in Loi Village in Adilang Sub County. She testified that through the project she stopped abusing alcohol and because of that she was able to get pregnant. Today she has a baby and lives a very orderly and good life. Getting her testimony made my day!”

It is amazing to have seen IAS grow

Julius Bitamazire, 55 years, Head of Policy & Quality Department at IAS Head Office. Lives in Sweden. Has worked for IAS since 1994. “I started to work with administration, and then I did a bit of standing in for the Coordinator. With the refugee influx from South Sudan to Uganda in 1994, I started to work full time with IAS. It ́s amazing to have been part of seeing IAS grow, from implementing only in South Sudan into spreading to 10 other countries where IAS implements directly. IAS started with a small office in Åseda, Sweden, and today we not only have the Head Office in Stockholm but also offices in Denmark, Germany and USA.The fact that IAS puts people first and that they go beyond relief and development makes me proud of working for IAS.” ”