Photo: Torleif Svensson

Clean water to the most vulnerable people


1 USD provides safe, clean water for 1 person per year. 

How many people would you like to support with clean drinking water? Choose from the above range of amounts you would like to contribute to our cause.

IAS is present in 10 countries in Africa with our own staff. The focus countries for this target are Niger, Chad, SudanSouth Sudan and Ethiopia. In these five countries IAS manages 13 complete drilling units. All the boreholes will be drilled by IAS own staff. Each borehole is installed with a hand pump and serves on average 500 people. IAS ensures that the community benefitting from the borehole is trained on sanitation, hygiene and maintenance. The lifespan for a borehole installed with hand pump is at least 25 years if maintained properly.

Thanks for donating to our work!

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