Peepoo pack of 28 bags
Peepoo Kiti seat

Get a demo kit of Peepoo when supporting our Peepoo project in Kibera, Kenya


Donate 40 USD to our Peepoo project in Kibera and get a free DEMO kit of a Peepoo Pack (28 bags) and a Peepoo Kiti (Seat). Shipping is included and provided by DHL Express or PostNord to your address (or nearest pick-up point).

About the project in Kenya

In the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Africa’s second-largest urban informal settlement, most schools do not have any toilets. Children are forced to leave school and search for a dirty communal latrine or to do their needs in the open. Due to lack of hygiene and sanitation, school children in slums often suffer from diarrheal diseases and lose valuable time away from class, and both girls and boys are at constant risk of sexual harassment and violence.

Studies show that both teachers and parents testify that the children are less sick, can focus better and are kept safe at school during the day.

Your contribution would have a great impact on these children’s lives, and with 15 USD we can provide one child with a clean toilet for a whole year. Please read more on

Thanks for donating to our work!

Together #WeDigDeeper

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Disclaimer - the Peepoo Kit is to be used only for demonstration purposes since the shelf-life might have expired. The products are used as give-aways and the donation amount covers for shipping and contribution towards the social impact project in Nairobi, Kenya. Läkarmissionen will be the sender for the demo kit.